About me

Born in Gent in 1970. Spent several years in school and university, with a (very) brief spell at the pilot session of the Central European University, and a somewhat longer spell in various things to do with the European Youth Parliament.

Ran Yusupov’s House, a Fidonet BBS in the late eighties. Started creating websites in the early nineties and hasn’t stopped since.

Internet professional since 1994, first as web designer, then as project manager, and finally as managing director for Netpoint NV which became Amercom België,  and as a free-lance consultant since 2004. Webmaster of the College of Europe since January 2005.

Lives in a mediaeval house in the centre of Gent with Sandra and children Zelie (°1999), Louis (°2001) and Jan (°2004) and cat Hecate (°1993). Tends to take loads of photos and write down his opinions and feelings on just about anything.

Special interests: information architecture, user interfaces, history, lava lamps, macro photography, science fiction, television.

Currently reading (amongst other things): Donna Tartt’s Secret History. I found it so overhyped at the time that I never got to it. Remedying that now: it has it’s very own spot in the bathroom.

Read recently: (September 22nd) Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman’s latest. Warmly recommended vintage Gaiman.

Looking forward to re-read: The Name of the Rose. Umberto Eco. Why? Because I’ve only read it one and a half times and it was years ago. Sue me.


One response to “About me

  1. Dear Michel,

    my name is Oliver, I am currently writing a master thesis in Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University. I would like to expand Scoble’s experiment with the weblogs.com xml-file analysis (I found your address on scobleizer).
    For this purpose I downloaded one week worth of data from weblogs.com. However, I realize that the files are pretty big (10-18 MB) and I have no idea how to process them. Excel is obviously not a good choice and I am not a programmer.
    I just want to sort the files (which are too big for Excel) and then count updated weblogs of the major blog providers only.
    How do you do this?

    I hope you can help me.

    Best wishes,


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