The mind boggles

I wonder sometimes…

what drives someone to enter the same incorrect URL over fifty times in a row?

why would you try two dozen variations of an address that doesn’t exist? like /poeple/name, /people/name, /ppl/name, /peeps/name, peoples/name, name/people/, staaff/people/name, name/staff/people?

if /something/images/name.jpg doesn’t exist, why try /something/images/images/name.jpg? and if that doesn’t exist, why try /something/images/images/images/name.jpg?

why does Google try combinations of URLs that patently don’t exist, have never existed and never will? like /ourdocs/template.asp?pagename=welcome?

how long do pages really stay cached in Google’s cache? we’ve got some that haven’t existed for at least three years in there!



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