Meet the staff

You know you’re working for the right place when…

  • you can put a name to the roles–so you’re not dealing with “the nightwatchman” but with a person
  • you can put a face to the names of the people, so it’s not just a name but you know what the nightwatchman actually looks like
  • the website tells you a nightwatchman is an internationally renowned artist

Good stuff. I think you can tell a lot about the organisation by looking at their who’s who.

From our who’s who you can find real people. With publications, with academic interests, with past job experiences, sure. But also with hobbies, children, side projects, personal information.

Mind you, we’re still feeling our way around this, trying to find the right balance. Of course we won’t publish really personal stuff or potentially damaging stuff (either to us or to the person involved). Who’s going to judge? Erm, well, the webmaster will be the first judge, I guess. And if he’s in doubt the head of the department. And so on, all of the way to the top of the organisation chart.

Are we going to make these personal profiles compulsory? Are we going to force everyone to put a picture on “their” page? No, of course not. That would totally defeat the purpose. This is about free choice too. We may decide to put up a minimal “mandatory” profile (who, what, where, contact), but all the rest is up to the people themselves. Do you want a picture? Fine, I’ll come and take one. If you want. If not, do you have a better picture? Fine, I’ll take it and scan it in. Don’t want a picture? Too bad, but hey, them’s the breaks.

And whatever the gray areas, it’ll be people, not functions. And that makes all the difference.


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