Tum dee dum

Well, what do you know?

Made the beta at TypePad back in the day, and here I am with a Golden Ticket to WordPress.com.

If one things is pretty clear it’s that the interface, even at first glance, is streets ahead of TypePad. I could actually see myself editing my weblog in the web interface without having to resort to BlogJet.

[and oh yes, am I the only one who’s getting seriously tired of all those CamelCase NaMes?]


3 responses to “Tum dee dum

  1. BlogJet is excellent. Also check out RocketPost. It’s the most advanced blog editor in the market right now, but I’m biased since I designed it 😉


  2. Downloading it as we speak. It does indeed look very promising.

  3. Get out of your kids way, relax, let them be kids and watch them grow & flourish. ,

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